At Iconic Marine, we understand that upgrading or changing your boat is a natural part of the boating journey. Whether you’re looking to buy, trade or sell a boat, our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. We value your time and ensure a fair appraisal process, considering factors such as the age, condition, and market value. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive trade-in value that maximizes your investment and enables you to make the transition into a new boat, or out of your current boat.


Our comprehensive brokerage process is detailed and thorough. When it comes time to buy or sell a pre-owned boat, you can rest assured that a profesional Iconic Marine Representative will walk you through the entire process.

First we will complete a thorough market analysis which includes similiar boats that are currently listed for sale and boats that have sold in the past twelve months. We will conduct an in-person valuation of your boat’s condition, perform a walk-thru, and note possible improvements that can be done quickly and inexpensively that may affect the value. This evaluation is meant to give you an understanding of the current market conditions, what has sold recently, and what is currently listed for sale, in order for you to better understand the current market. Armed with research we will suggest a sales price. Next is a signed listing agreement. With that, the marketing of your boat begins. We will schedule a photo and/or video shoot, list your boat across a wide range of marketing channels, including our own website, and reach out to our own in-house data base of well-qualified buyers. An Iconic Marine representative will coordinate and be present at all showings as well as negotiate any offer that is received, with your approval of course. Once we have a signed contract, we will coordinate the survey and the sea trial. Once boat parties have agreed on the purchase, the execution of closing documents will be coordinated.

Seamless execution & a worry-free process. This is what Iconic Marine promises.

Interested in starting the boat brokerage process? Tell us a little more about the boat you want to buy or sell: